Daily Schedule on Workdays

23.00matins of Our Lady
in cell
23.30matins in church
lauds in church
lauds of Our Lady in cell
personal prayer in cell
6.00prime in cell
meditation and prayerprayer, meditation,
reading of the Bible
7.00adoration in church (optional)
7.15conventual mass
8.00private mass in chapel
terce in cell
reading of the Bible
manual labor, study
terce in cell
11.00sext in cell, lunch, rest
13.00none in cell
manual labor, studywork
15.30vespers of Our Lady in cell
15.45vespers in church
17.00dinner, prayer, readingend of work
vespers, dinner

The young brothers who are still in the novitiate have one hour less work than the older brothers, as they must devote this time to study Christian doctrine.

On Sundays and solemnities the daily schedule changes somewhat. See Sundays and Solemnities.

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